Our Vision.

We believe that
technology is
inherently human.

Technology is at its best when it brings people together to solve uniquely human problems. That’s how we built our company and it’s how we are able to attract the best people in our field. Whether it’s supplying power to islanders impacted by a hurricane, building and installing a generator for an Arctic school or providing clean water for a remote weather station. To make it work for people, it takes people. Great people. We do our utmost to attract, retain and motivate great people. To build an organization that allows them to prosper in all areas of their lives. In this way, we can have a positive effect on the communities we work with and earn loyalty by being an organization with which others are proud to be associated.

Over the years, Adco has learned that each project has its own personality, technical requirements, site location, topography, transportation, communication, training, local customs and safety of both employees and clients. All these things need to be factored in and every detail needs to be carefully calculated.